Thursday, November 25, 2010

Seattle Asian Art Museum

Some snapped SAAM images as my initial blog post for your inspiration this wintery season! The Asian aesthetic is so amazing; I've always loved it! I'm trying to brainstorm something artsy to do with any of these patterns. Any ideas?

Pattern on a crazy relief-dyed kimono bed-spread of sorts. Still working my brain around how this was possibly hand-dyed.

Another Kimono bed-spread. Gorgeous combination of bright colors on black!

Direct dye with some sort of metallic leaf detail. So beautiful and tiny and intricate. I love the deep orange against the black/gray gradated background. If relief-dyed, how??

Stunning, smooth, sculptural texture. The picture doesn't do the sublime milky white glaze justice.

Another print on ceramic. An example of detail plus restraint. Suddenly black-and-white became interesting?

Lotus motif. Was it a tile? Dimension always attracts me.

And finally, some creep that wasn't as interested in relief-dying as me. Harumph!

Larger photos found here. I'm not having luck linking each photo directly to its corresponding larger-resolution image. If anyone could give me a heads up, that would be super. Gosh, I hate reformatting html-formatted content!! It's like trying to type a perfect bibliography in Microsoft Word...awful.

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